1. tetchiness, testiness, irritability, edginess, snappishness, nervousness; irascibility, cholericness, petulance, Rare. petulancy; grouchiness, grumpiness, crankiness, crabbiness, crotchetiness, crossness, crabbedness; churlishness, surliness, can-tankerousness, crustiness, gruffness, bearishness, currishness; quick temper, excitability, inflammability, fieriness, pepperiness; temperamentalness, moodiness, spleen, choler, bad or ill temper or disposition, ill humor or nature; contentiousness, querulousness, fractiousness, captiousness.
2. hypersensitivity, supersensitivity, oversensitivity, oversensitiveness, sensitivity, sensitiveness, sensitive disposition or nature; peevishness, huffishness, huffiness, waspishness, raspiness, fretfulness; chip on the shoulder, resentfulness, bitterness; jealousy, envy, low self-esteem, Psychiatry. inferiority complex.

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